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Call for Proposals, Small Group Research 2019 Annual Review Issue

The editorial team of Small Group Research invites authors to submit proposals for the 2019 Review Issue. Articles for the Review Issue are high-impact scholarly surveys of important group and team research literatures. They summarize recent research, provide integration across disciplines, and highlight important directions for future inquiries. The Review Issue is open to all areas of group and team research, including research methods and group-based learning activities.

Weare interested in interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary reviews that (a)address critical turning points in the literature in terms of evolving theory,enduring issues where reviews can reveal future areas of attention, levels ofanalysis issues, or improvements in methodological approaches, and (b) explorethe topic, theory, or method across disciplines. Manuscripts by a team ofinterdisciplinary authors are preferred.

Proposals should be submitted between April 1, 2018 and May 1, 2018 via the SmallGroup Research online submission portal at Be sure to select “Proposal” in the Manuscript Type pull down box. Also indicate that your submission is a 2019 Review Issue Proposal in your cover letter, and include the names and email addresses of 3 to 5 potential reviewers. Suggested reviewers should be from different disciplines. Submissions that do not include potential reviewers will not be reviewed.

Please note that we are not acceptingmanuscripts before April 1, 2018.


Proposals should be double-spaced and include no more than seven pages of text.References, tables, and appendices do not count in this page limit. All proposals will be subject to editorial review. Please do not send complete papers--if you have a draft of your paper, please note that in the proposal.

Submissionswill be evaluated with respect to the following criteria (we encourage you toaddress these in your proposal):

(a)  Relevance. Theproposed manuscript should thoroughly review a significant and importantresearch area within the group and team literature.

(b)  Integration acrossdisciplines. The proposed manuscript should aim to integrate theory andresearch across the different disciplines that study groups. If the proposedreview is limited to specific disciplines, identify this and explain why thesedisciplines are selected. Reviews of literature from only one discipline arenot suitable for this call.

(c)  Viability. Theproposal should represent an achievable project within the tight timeconstraints required. More detail on the timeline is provided below.

(d)  Organization andCoherence. The proposal should follow a logical structure, read clearly, andthoroughly represent the available research.

(e)  Insight forFuture Work. The proposal should convey important implications for futuretheoretical or methodological developments, or applications.


ReviewIssue Timeline:

1.     April 1, 2018through May 1, 2018 Proposals due to the Small Group Research online submissionportal at sure to select “Proposal” in the Manuscript Type pull down box. Alsoindicate that your submission is a 2019 Review Issue Proposal in your coverletter, and include the names and email addresses of 3 to 5 potentialreviewers. Suggested reviewers should be from different disciplines.    

2.     September 15, 2018:Final decision on proposal and initial feedback provided to authors.

3.     February 15, 2019:Full draft of paper due to Small Group Research.

4.     April 15, 2019:Feedback to authors on full paper.

5.     June 15, 2019:Final paper submitted to Small Group Research.

6.     December 2019: Publication of 2018 review issue of Small GroupResearch

The following listrepresents the topics published (or accepted to be published) in the 2014, 2015,2016, 2017, and 2018 review issues.


  • ·       Examinationof partner effects in group contexts

  • ·        Algorithms for computationalfaultline/subgroup detection

  • ·        Conceptual, methodological, and logisticalproblems of emergent states research

  • ·        Interactive input-process-output models ofgroup social influence

  • ·        Team reflexivity and team informationprocessing failures

  • ·        Science of multiteam systems

  • ·        Hidden profile paradigms

  • ·        Cognitive diversity

  • ·        History of teamwork

  • ·        Personality in small groups

  • ·        Resilience

  • ·        Teaching teamwork skills

  • ·        Minority influence in CMC

  • ·        Bona fide group

  • ·        Team person-role fit 

  • ·        Interdependent work

  • ·        Motivational systems theory of groupinvolvement

  • ·        Leadership and innovation

  • ·        Work team design characteristics

  • ·        Group deviance

  • ·        Language and group process

  • ·        Demonstrability

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Joann Keyton

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