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What Users Are Saying

Here is some of the feedback the Team Science Toolkit has received from users:

"The Toolkit provides a wealth of resources for team scientists, including practical tools to use with your colleagues, such as team assessment guides and training resources."

—Holly Falk-Krzesinski, Vice President,
Global Academic & Research Relations, Elsevier

"After I contributed a measure to the Toolkit, I was contacted by investigators who were interested in adapting the measure to their own setting. This opened up exciting possibilities for future collaboration, including new analyses using our pooled data."

—Dan Stokols, Chancellor's Professor,
University of California, Irvine

"The Toolkit is a great networking resource. I'm frequently contacted by scientists looking for more information about team science. I recommend they search the Toolkit's research articles to identify team science scholars they can partner with."

—Joann Keyton, Professor of Communications,
North Carolina State University

"The Team Science Toolkit has provided me with an abundance of information to help me build and guide multidisciplinary teams at my university. It is also my "go to" website to learn about what others are doing in this field and to keep up with the scholarly articles on the subject. It is an indispensable site for any research development professional or any faculty member interested in team science."

—Eileen Murphy, Director of Research Development,
Office Research and Economic Development, Rutgers University

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