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Collaboration and Team Science: A Field Guide - Second Edition

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Collaboration and Team Science: A Field Guide was first published in 2010. Institutional leaders have used it to help guide change at an organizational level, shifti­­­ng research culture from a primary investigator-initiated focus to one that embraces collaborative and cross-cutting efforts across disciplinary dedicated departments. For nearly a decade, the Field Guide has served as a valuable resource for: Scientists participating in or leading a research team Researchers becoming involved in or building a research team Graduate courses and programs designed to focus on or integrate team science and interdisciplinary research into their learning and using it as a base text Faculty development offices who have provided it to faculty to enhance their

Michelle Bennett, National Cancer Institute

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Collaboration Tool


Science, science of team science, team science, cross disciplinary, field guide, collaboration

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  • Learn about the field of team science: history, theory and concepts
  • Establish or maintain effective team science endeavors
  • Enhance team performance, interactions, and attitudes
  • Provide institutional support for team science
  • Provide training for team science to team members or students
  • Conduct research on/evaluate team science
  • Engage community partners in your scientific team


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