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Data Sharing and Security Framework

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The DSSF was an analytical tool designed to contribute to an understanding of the nature of any mandatory legal restrictions on data sharing and agreements, if any, necessary to facilitate proposed exchanges. The tool graphically depicted the four separate analyses which are required to assess the sensitivity of a given data set. It relied on color-coding to indicate how easy or difficult data sharing might be given the content of a specific data set. The intended audience for the Data Sharing and Security Framework was researchers and their study teams as well as the institutional subject matter experts with which they interact in the ares of privacy & confidentiality, research policies & ethics, proprietary issues, and sponsor requirements. The subject matter experts may include privacy officers, compliance officers, chief information officers, legal counsel, human research protection program directors, IRB staff, IRB chairs, technology transfer office, research associate deans, and sponsored program offices.

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Analytical Tool


data sharing, data security, data harmonization

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  • Establish or maintain effective team science endeavors
  • Provide institutional support for team science


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