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A Template for Integrating Interdisciplinary Research and Team Science into the Tenure Track Offer Letter

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Although every recruitment is unique, emphasis on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary science is becoming quite common. Research institutions wanting to encourage collaborative research while promoting development of bright early career researchers need to establish well-defined guidelines for review and reward of those who engage in interdisciplinary science. It is crucial that offer letters explicitly delineate what is expected of both the institution and the individual scientist This template identifies a set of questions the answers to which ought to be clear from either the offer letter or ancillary communications with the recruit.

Office of the Ombudsman, National Institutes of Health

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Tenure and Promotion Policy


tenure, offer letter, interdisciplinary research, template, leading reserach project

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  • Establish or maintain effective team science endeavors
  • Provide institutional support for team science


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Resource created by Amanda Vogel on 2/3/2011 11:35:58 AM.

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