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The promise of convergence and the promise of the science of team science

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Hall K. The promise of convergence and the promise of the science of team science. Oral presentation at National Academies Committee on the Science of Team Science Workshop on Team Dynamics and Effectiveness. Washington, DC. Jul 1, 2013.

This presentation was part of the larger workshop that explored the large body of research on team dynamics and management that has important implications for the effectiveness of collaboration within large and small scientific teams. It considered the research literature related to these topics, including the research focusing specifically on science teams and the research on teams in other types of organizational settings. It addressed the following questions in the study charge: •How do individual factors (e.g., openness to divergent ideas), influence team dynamics (e.g., cohesion), and how, in turn, do both individual factors and team dynamics influence the effectiveness and productivity of science teams? •What factors at the team, center, or institute level (e.g., team size, team membership, geographic dispersion) influence the effectiveness of science teams? •How do different management approaches and leadership styles influence the effectiveness of science teams? For example, different approaches to establishing work roles and routines and to the division of labor may influence team effectiveness.

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Oral presentation


team science, science of team science, convergence, interdisciplinary

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  • Learn about the field of team science: history, theory and concepts

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