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Promotion and tenure in interdisciplinary team science: An introductory literature review

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Thompson-Klein J, Banacki, A., Falk-Krzesinski, H.J., Hall, K.L., Bennett, L.M., & Gadlin, H.. Promotion and tenure in interdisciplinary team science: An introductory literature review. Oral presentation at National Academies Workshop on Institutional and Organizational Supports for Team Science. Washington, DC. Oct 24, 2013.

his presentation was part of a larger National Academies workshop that explored organizational and institutional factors and policies affect team science. Presenters discussed research related to the following questions: •How do current tenure and promotion policies acknowledge and provide incentives to academic researchers who engage in team science? •What factors influence the productivity and effectiveness of research organizations that conduct and support team science, such as research centers and institutes? How do such organizational factors as human resource policies and practices and cyber infrastructure affect team and collaborative science? •What types of organizational structures, policies, practices and resources are needed to promote effective team science, in academic institutions, research centers, industry, and other settings?

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Type of Publication:

Oral presentation


team science, tenure and promotion, institutional support

Addresses these goal(s):

  • Provide institutional support for team science

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