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Team Science Data Science Scholarship

The NUCATS:Collaboration and Team Science Program (TS) and Northwestern Institute on ComplexSystems and Data Science (NICO) are inviting applications for a DataScience Scholarship ( Science Scholars will have joint appointments with NICO and the TSProgram, which will give them the opportunity to expand their domain-focusedresearch portfolio and simultaneously establish their reputation as leaders inthe exploding field of Data Science and Analytics.


The TS research group uses big data, scientometrics,bibliometrics, Python scripting, and modeling and analyses of networks andcomplex systems to predict and catalyze cross-disciplinary researchcollaborations and identify fertile sites for transdisciplinary science. Wehave a particular interest in the analysis and modeling of the historical andrecent dissemination movements amongst disconnected academic communities,including predicting the ideal conditions for when cross citations andcollaborations arise, and aiding in identifying areas with convergingdisciplines. In the upcoming years we expect to incorporate data from multiplechannels of academic interaction to identify grounds for new collaborations inaddition to traditional (e.g., publications and conference proceedings) formsof dissemination, such as through social media platforms and campusinvolvement.


For more information about the scholarship please contact TSProgram Administrator Katya Klyachko at Northwestern University,

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Katya Klyachko

Northwestern University

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