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Early Career Researcher Opportunity - Workshop on Socio-Environmental Synthesis

TheNational Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center’s (SESYNC) Education Program announces a new opportunity for early-career researchers to examine natural,social, and actionable science approaches to various socio-environmental themes.

We kindly ask that you explore our new Socio-Environmental (S-E)Early-Career Researchers Program online at and share this information with recent PhDs and early-career colleagues who are in the ecological, environmental, and social sciences.

This program will bring together external participants who are seeking to pursue careers in research and creative inquiry.

Under this program, SESYNC will hold a series of stand-alone workshops designed to share S-E approaches to a broad array of disciplinary perspectives and to teach the skills needed to conduct S-E research.

The first workshop of this series, “The S-E Approach to Watershed Management and Governance,” will be held February 18–21, 2020 in Annapolis, Maryland.

Distinguished Scholars in the field of watershed science will head the workshop, guiding highly qualified early-career researchers in interdisciplinary research approaches that focus on water management and governance. 

SESYNC will provide travel support for this four-day workshop. 

Deadline to apply is December 6,2019. Read more details here.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Erin M. Duffy

Annapolis, MD

February 18-21, 2020

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